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Why Hardscaping is a “Green” Choice

stone steps with path

The environmental movement has made its way into landscaping design and we are not just talking about the color. Integrating hardscaping into your landscape design is environmentally friendly. It might sound contradictory but most successful “green” landscapes blend the living environment with hardscaping elements. Green landscaping is a term referring to a landscape that is […]

How to Landscape with Aggregates

aggregates and stepping stones

When you think of hardscaping, you might be thinking of paved walkways and patio surfaces, but not all hardscaping involves pavement. It can also apply to using decorative gravel and aggregates in your landscape design. You can enhance your existing garden with a simple change in color and texture from aggregates. From gravel to pebbles […]

Using Stone in Ornamental Landscaping Design

ornamental rock boulders

Hardscaping has a practical purpose, but it also can have an ornamental purpose in your landscaping design. When using pebbles, boulders, drystack and other stones for ornamental purposes in your landscape, you add beauty that blends the function of the stone with nature to create an outdoor work of art. There are many different types […]

6 Ways to Landscape with Stone

backyard retreat

Are you thinking of adding stone into your next landscaping project? Stone is a great choice whether you have a luxury backyard setting or a rustic retreat. It can add style and increase your property value. Because it is a versatile material, there are a number of different ways you can use it when designing […]

Create an Eco-Friendly Landscape with Stone

eco-friendly back yard path

Eco-friendly landscaping is an increasingly popular gardening practice. It reduces maintenance with less lawn to care for and minimizes the negative impact on the environment. A good eco-friendly material that compliments every landscape is stone. Adding stone into your landscape doesn’t mean you have to create a desert-style landscape or completely replace your grass with […]

Fire Pits


Spring has sprung!  With cool nights, what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a fire pit.  Easy for the Do-it-Yourselfer to install, affordable, functional, and enjoyable.  Let the ambiance and the warmth of a fire pit relax you or feel like a kid again with the kiddos roasting your marshmallows and hotdogs!